Rave Routes Are Everywhere
Pining for perfection has a price: It can keep you from appreciating the good routes you could be on today. After all, being a dedicated cyclist, runner, or other outdoor enthusiast means, well, getting outdoors most days. And that’s usually going to happen close to home, work, or school.
Discovering New Home Water

I had fished for and caught some striped bass during our visits out to Maine before the move, but as far as home water was concerned, I was starting from scratch and these waters no longer flowed in only one direction. New challenges were added—tides, bait migration, discoloration from river runoff, more extreme shifts in the weather. Add to this, that there are truly hundreds of access points to learn—from beaches, mud flats, rocky outcroppings and river mouths.

World Class Cycling In Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is the best place in America to ride a bike.

Ok, hear me out. To be a great cycling destination a location must have the following: beautiful scenery, interesting and exciting terrain, it must be easy to navigate, and above all, it has to be a safe place to ride. Acadia has all of this and more.

It's Always a Good Day to Run Outside

Running makes me feel fully alive.

Check that: Running outside makes me feel fully alive. Running on a treadmill makes me feel like I often do when not in motion—in sort of a gray middle zone of energy and enthusiasm, more waiting out the current experience than engaged in it.

On Location: York, Maine
For our first Pinebury shoot I asked my friends Noah Middlestaedt (Team USA para cyclist and current national champion) and Clara Brown (Paralympian cyclist, current world champion) to join me in York, Maine for a day of riding
Our Mission
I started Pinebury in 2022 because I saw an opportunity to create a company that focused specifically on making the best merino wool active wear in the world and doing it the right way, right here in America.
Welcome to Pinebury
Pinebury is a place. For me, that place is Maine, and it's inspired by my experiences here but it can be any place that allows you to connect with your environment through physical activity. 

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