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Pinebury is a place. For me, that place is Maine, and it's inspired by my experiences here, but it can be any place that allows you to connect with your environment through physical activity. 

When we’re out on the road or trail the stress of the day melts away. Regardless of your ability, fitness, or identity the open path offers freedom to everyone. You become one with the environment and experience the joy of moving effortlessly, your destination is unknown and the possibilities are endless.

My goal is to make apparel that supports you while you work to achieve your goals. Whether those goals are to build resilience and better health or to finish a big event or race. Pinebury is for people who take on challenges because they’re rewarding not because they’re easy. Pinebury is for athletes who want to find their own path. That may be a long solo effort at your own pace or tackling a challenge that intimidates you a little bit, no matter the size. The ultimate rewards are building resilience and finding fulfillment through adventure.

Thank you for visiting and I hope that you join me in my pursuit to make the world's best merino wool apparel, the right way, right here in America. 


Kyle Rancourt

President / Founder


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